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REVIEW | Shame (2011)

Michael Fassbender’s eyes are intense. Give him a non-speaking role and he could still affect you in many ways. You can see through his eyes layer upon layer of emotions.  Hell, you can even see through his soul. In 2011’s Shame, artist-turned-director Steve McQueen cast Fassbender in a role of a sex addict named Brandon, which won Fassbender numerous acting awards including the BAFTA. 
Brandon keeps a shameful secret. He is a sex addict. Living alone in his sterile, immaculately clean New York apartment, his secret addiction to joyless sex with strangers is suddenly disrupted by his sister, Sissy (Academy Award nominee Carey Mulligan), who shows up unannounced to come live him. His privacy ruined, Brandon's frustration to get his next fix slowly eats him up until his sex addiction spirals out of control. 

Fassbender has once again given a powerful performance, giving credence to his character's helplessness, loneliness, and despair, earning not your disgust but your sympathy.…

REVIEW | The Lucky One (2012)

Sappy romance set in suburban North Carolina, with breathtaking pink skies; sunsets glinting against blades of grass; roses and carnations in full bloom and rustling in the wind; a charming, rustic house complete with a story-book porch...Then a ruggedly handsome soldier, quiet and strong, suddenly comes into the life of a beautiful blonde single mom. Isn't it romantic? Isn't it sooo...Nicholas Sparks?
Based on  Sparks' novel, The Lucky One tells the story of a marine, Logan (Zac Efron), and his superstitious belief that a photo of a woman he found while on duty in Iraq is what kept him alive during the war. After finishing his third tour, he sets out to find the woman in the photo to thank her. I mean, she saved his life and all. He finally finds her in North Carolina. Her name is Beth (Taylor Schilling), a divorcee who lives with her genius son and her very young and perky grandmother (Blythe Danner). They happily run a kennel and are occasionally harassed by the town s…

Naci Comfort Food and Dessert Bar

Conveniently a short walk from Greenhills Shopping Center, along Connecticut Avenue and tucked in one of the floors of a small building, is a fairly new restaurant, only 6 months old, with a bold promise hanging on the wall even before you reach its double glass doors: "No appetite will be left unsatisfied." The words were surrounded with images of artfully arranged food.
Upon entering Naci Comfort Food and Dessert Bar, more words are plastered on the walls. One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well. Virginia Woolf. Food is our common ground, our universal experience. James Beard. 
The words were a tease, a lure, a hint, a confident statement. As if what you are about to experience in this restaurant is what inspired these literary greats to blurt out these words.
Walking across the dimly lit restaurant, softly glowing from the overhead pinlights, my sister and I were welcomed by a very young lady with a long, silky hair, bright eyes, and a sweet, …

REVIEW | Every Breath You Take (2012)

In the latest Star Cinema romantic comedy, this time The Police's 1983 song "Every Breath You Take" for its title as if randomly picked from a karaoke song book without any relevance to the plot, we are presented with Majoy (Angelica Panganiban), a religious and superstitious family oriented virginal sweetums who has an ovarian disorder. The problem seems to speed up her biological clock, pressuring her to find a husband quick and bear a child before it's too late. But Majoy firmly believes that it's foolish to be hasty, and relies on a series of crazy and fantastical signs and wonders that will tell her if she has already found Mr. Right. (Note: her superstitious nature and conservatism is her charming factor that will make Mr. Right fall in love with her).
Enter Mr. Right: Leo Dimalanta (Piolo Pascual), a commitment-phobe womanizer who happens to be a—omigosh, this is so NEW in the Star Cinema world of corporate careers—real estate salesman, who one day cross…

REVIEW | Titanic 3D (2012)

The plot that film snobs (and those who have never given Titanic a chance) scoff at: Poor boy meets rich girl. On-board a luxurious and gigantic ship on its maiden voyage destined to sink. Celine Dion singing the theme song. Pretty sunsets. Heartthrob of the '90s Leonardo DiCaprio yelling, "I'm the king of the world! Wohooo!" A love story so cliche it hurts. 
But why did 95 percent of the world fall in love with Titanic when it premiered in 1997? And people never asking "Have you seen Titanic?" but "How many times have you seen Titanic?"  And why is it that, today, it is still one of our most favorite movies of all time? 
It's the way James Cameron told the story.

Fifteen years later, re-released in 3D on the big screen to commemorate the 100th year anniversary of the sailing of the RMS Titanic on April 10th, you ask, How is the movie different today on the big screen? And in 3D? Do not expect to feel as if you're drowning, nor expect to…