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Delighting in the Tuscani Supremo with Shamcey Supsup

by Stephanie Mayo

Last October 26, I was invited to an exclusive bloggers' event: Tuscani Supremo Pizza Day. With Miss Shamcey Supsup! And the launching of Pizza Hut's Flavor Your Lifepromo.
Not only was I able to see the visually striking 2011 Miss Universe 3rd runner up, another Filipino pride, but she also personally served me (well, not just me, but all the invited bloggers) a slice of Supremo!


Earlier this October, two weeks before the bloggers' meet and greet with Shamcey, an editor of mine chose Pizza Hut Bistro in Trinoma to hold a meeting with the contributing writers. As I took my seat in the long table, I glanced at the fresh super family size pizza on the table. My mind was on other things, and I was my usual distracted self, but I noticed that the pizza before me looked different. It had black olives-- which I always love on my pizza, yes, but it did not look like your usual Pizza Hut pan pizza. It looked thinner...crispier...more colorful and rich with topp…

REVIEW | Puss in Boots (2011)

El gato!
Who the heck does not know the swashbuckling, debonair, fighter and lover Puss in Boots? The guys behind the now-over Shrek series gave our favorite Espanol outlaw gato his own full length feature film knowing very well how the delightfully contrasting character of Puss, the generic orange-and-white tomcat with the deep and sensual, latin lover voice of Antonio Banderas, has captivated the world, going down as the cutest animated thing in animation history.
In Puss in Boots, a prequel to the Shrek series, we are reeled back in time to discover the roots and the legend of Puss and his Corinthian-leather boots and how he came to be an outlaw. And then we are shot back to present day where Puss is reunited after seven years with his childhood friend-turned-enemy: the breakfasty smelling Humpty Alexander Dumpty (Zach Galifianakis), a bad news egg with self-esteem issues and whose self-pitying nature has evolved into the dangerous geek-outcast-turned-mastermind-terrorist kind. A m…

REVIEW | No Strings Attached (2011)

There are bad movies that quickly fade from your memory, movies that are simply filed under the Forgettable Movies Folder. But there are bad movies that you will always remember. And one of them is No Strings Attached.
Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher are oddly paired up in this very confused romantic comedy about friends. With benefits. Yup, no romance. Just sex. Just like Timberlake and Kunis' Friends with Benefits.

Natalie, whose head is strangely too big in this movie (literally) plays a neurotic MD who is emotionally messed up and terrified of commitments (it makes her throat constrict or something) while Kutcher plays her lovestruck sex buddy, who follows Natalie like a lost puppy, hoping for a real romantic relationship.
So what makes No Strings Attached an unforgettably bad movie? Weird casting, confused genre, totally off music, desperate humor, and badly written story. The film markets itself as a romantic comedy, but the movie is as messed up and confused as it chara…

REVIEW | Friends with Benefits (2011)

Friends with Benefits defines the modern romantic era: the shameless, acceptable lifestyle of today's dating scene.

Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis are two young professionals who met post-heartbreak, clicked, and decided to just be friends—and enjoy a sport together: sex with each other. No strings attached. No emotional investment. Just pure, unadulterated sex. And, of course, their friendship gets predictably complicated.
There's definitely something unique about this "post-modern" romantic comedy. No, it's not the story. What's surprisingly new here is that it's taken the term "quick-paced" into a whole new meaning. It is breakneck-speedy. Literally. The shots and scenes edited and cut with crazy speed that the movie feels like a two-hour trailer. Never seen anything like it before. Before you can appreciate one scene or one shot, it's already skipped to another.
Directed by Will Gluck who brought us the hilarious Easy A, the movie Frie…

Timeline Before Doomsday

FAMILY RADIO's Doomsday-spurting Harold Camping predicted another Doomsday date. Last May 21st 2011 was his fourth failed prediction, but it seems like the guy is not giving up. Admitting he was five months out on his May 21st prediction, we will after all, according to him, experience full physical rapture on Friday, October 21st.

Let us pretend October 21st will be the End of All Things (The Bible says only God knows when, Harold! Tsk, tsk!) and here is the list or timeline of how I will spend my time before we are wiped out of existence in 72 hours.


-October 18th, 2011, 11:21 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (Manila time): I will write a long letter to each of my family member, telling them how much I love them and all the things I'm sorry for.

-5:00 p.m.: My family and I, with the cat, will take the 10-hour flight toNorth Island, Seychelles, the perfect location to wait for the end of the world. On the plane, I will hand my letters to them. And during the long flight, I will wa…

REVIEW | No Other Woman (2011)

After reading raves about the movie on Facebook (some even saw it more than once at the cinemas) I decided to watch No Other Woman myself. If anything goes wrong, I told myself, a story on infidelity is always entertaining. By default. And the mere presence of Derek Ramsay onscreen would be another consolation.
And so I asked a dear friend of mine to watch the movie with me and see what the fuss is all about.
No Other Woman, released by the country's leading local mainstream movie production house, Star Cinema, stars three sexy actors: Derek Ramsay, as the philandering husband; Cristine Reyes, as the wife; and Anne Curtis, as the other woman.

We sometimes watch movies to see beautiful people, and No Other Woman has made sure of that: Ramsay looked more chiseled and toned than ever, looking like the perfect male specimen; Anne Curtis was groomed to the maximum level of hotness (the long, wavy, volumized hair, the barely there swimsuits, and outfits that maximize her sexiness to its …